Nature's Wonder®

Putting the Power of Nature in Your Hands

Nature’s Wonder® is the Agriculture and Horticulture division of JSH international™, offering a revolutionary peat extract formula called APEX-10™. This proprietary formula is scientifically proven to enhance soil quality, build healthier, stronger plants, and enhance fertilizer and water efficiency.

Plants and turf exist in a very diverse ecosystem.  With so many variables affecting soil conditions and a plant's ability to thrive, industry professionals are seeking to balance budgets, fertilization, irrigation, weed, and pest control responsibly with little or no impact to those ecosystems. Industry professionals such as turf managers, growers, greenhouses, landscapers, and municipalities are putting APEX-10 to work for them to improve their operations. Here’s why:

  • Enhances fertilizer efficiency
  • Reduction in irrigation requirements
  • Cuts transplant loss by at least half
  • Builds superior stress tolerance
  • Improves durability and recovery
  • Creates better playability
  • Reduces your operational expenses

To learn more about how Nature’s Wonder and APEX-10 can reduce your maintenance costs while helping you achieve a “greener” profile, we invite you to explore our website.